What Makes Us Unique

We Utilize a Number of Systems

Some might say that our use of multiple systems simply makes us eclectic, and although we are eclectic, we tend to have a slightly more ceremonial bent then other traditions. We use Qabala in our studies and rituals, and a knowledge of Qabala is very useful to anyone wishing to become a member of an ASW coven. However, you can learn as you go through our many study groups and opportunities for reading and classes. We also use astrology as a means of determining optimum dates for initiations, various rituals, and similar sacred uses. Because we are currently at ten covens with an eleventh forming, we have a great many different people with areas of expertise to draw upon if there is something you wish to learn. We currently have members with mastery in areas such as astrology, qabala, tarot, herblore, runes, sweat lodge protocol, Egyptian deities, Norse deities, Eastern European deities, Shamanism, African religious systems and many more. If someone in your coven does not have a specialty in an area you wish to learn, we can most likely find someone who does.

From our website, “The form of Wicca that the Assembly practices is syncretic and draws inspiration from Astrology, Qabala, the Western Magickal Tradition and the folk religions of Europe. Religiously, the Assembly is dedicated to the health of Mother Earth, and to all of her children. We recognize that every human carries the divine spark of God and Goddess, a gift that carries the obligation to make manifest this divine heritage. Divinity itself, source of the Universe, is a single and incomprehensible force that emanates as the God and the Goddess. God and Goddess reveal themselves to us in the threefold aspect of Maiden-Mother-Crone and Youth-Father-Sage. Divinity is immanent, inherent in all that exists and transcendent, supporting all that exists - whole, distinct, incorruptible, and outside of time. Between human beings and the ultimate Divine exists a vast ecology of disembodied, or un-embodied, spiritual entities which we work with in order to promote growth and earthly harmony. When working with these entities — which include the Elements, Faeries, and Ancestors — we invite them, rather than command them, to join us. This is in keeping with the doctrine of Free Will, which we believe must equally extend to all spirits — human or otherwise.


Our Degree Structure

When you become a member of an ASW coven, you are not automatically initiated. We consider initiation to be a personal choice for each individual, and not all may choose to walk that path. After a year and a day of membership, a member can request initiation.

In addition to the above, we have a five degree structure, which differs from most traditions in which the terminal degree is the Third Degree. At the Third Degree, members may form covens with the approval of all other Third degrees in the ASW. We believe that the formation of a new coven is a serious process, and we want to ensure our members are ready for that task when the time comes. At the Fourth Degree, one becomes an Elder, and is entrusted with the care of a Circle of covens. (Please see the section on structure). At the Fifth Degree, one becomes a Craft Mother or Father and is entrusted with the care of the entire tradition.

Ideally, we hope that all members would seek at least a First degree initiation, as this provides a stronger link to the group mind that is Chalice of the Living Stars and to the stream of magick that is the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel.