Frequently Asked Questions

Many people write to us and ask many the same questions. Before writing to us, take a moment to read over these FAQs and see if they answer any of your questions. Then write to us anyway, we are always interested in hearing from fellow seekers.

Do you have a correspondence course?

No, we do offer, from time to time, workshops and conferences that are open to the public, but no distance learning.

Can you initiate me?

Initiation in the Assembly is only given through the covens to their members. Membership does not automatically lead to initiation, it is a lengthy process.

Where do you have covens?

Currently we have four covens in the Greater Philadelphia area, one coven forming in the Wilmington/Newark, DE area, one in the the Silver Springs, MD area, one in central Maryland, one in Northern New Jersey, and 3 near Georgetown, DE.

Can a coven join the Assembly?

No, we do not have a procedure for a group to join us.

Can you put me in touch with other covens or traditions?

The volume of email that we get is considerable, so please use the magic of the world wide web to search for resources in your area. A good starting point is: The Witch's Voice

Can you tell me how to cast spells.. do rituals... etc...?

No, seek out teachers, workshops, organized groups, and books. You may do yourself a great disservice by jumping into something without enough information and guidance.

I'm under 18, can I join or come to your events?

To join an ASW coven you must be at least 18. Parental permission, and ideally their presence, is required for participation in many of the workshops or events. If you do have parental permission, then any time you spend attending workshops and rituals will count against the 6 months (see below).

Can I come to your open events if I am a beginner or a member of another faith?

Yes, our open events truly are open to all that bring good will and an open mind.

Can I be a member of the Assembly and be involved in other faiths or traditions?

Yes, many of our members are involved with or are initiates of other paths. We do require that those that are granted the status of clergy (3rd Degree Initiates and beyond) focus on the Assembly's path. This is not about right or wrong or exclusion, it is about commitment and the reality that there are only so many hours in a day.

How do I join?

Membership is granted by the individual covens and involves a getting to know you period of at least 6 months. If you are geographically distant from us, it is unlikely that you will be able to participate in a way that leads to membership. We request a letter of intent stating your interest in joining the group, introducing us to you – include something about your background and previous learning. State what you would like to learn from us and what you can bring to us. After the six month period, an interview with the coven will take place. If all are in agreement, the new member will be brought in at the next available ritual.

What can I expect after I join?

Once you become a member of Chalice of the Living Stars, you also become a member of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel. You will have the opportunity to engage with a great number of people from all walks of life here! You are encouraged to attend other group’s rituals as they are open, and to attend Assembly wide events especially.

Chalice of the Living Stars has a checklist for dedicants, which you will have access to once you are a member. This checklist includes required reading as well as a few skills we’d like you to pick up. If you decide to go on with degree work, this dedicant checklist will lay a good foundation for that work. Your High Priestesss or a degreed member will work with you on your dedicant check list.

How often do you meet? What kind of attendance is expected of your membership?

We generally meet about twice a month for ritual, with additional meetings as needed for planning and classes. We also host study groups focused either on a topic such as tarot or around a particular book. Study group meeting frequency is dictated by those attending the study group.

Once a dedicant becomes a member, we expect the individual to attend all rituals and meetings. Study group meetings are not mandatory. In addition, the larger tradition to which we belong also hosts yearly events, including a retreat which is mandatory.

We understand that sometimes life intervenes, whether in the form of difficult work hours, health issues, and the like, and can be accommodating for those who find it difficult for a time to attend events. We do insist on communication about this, and may ask someone who has not attended in a long time nor communicated with us to leave the group. Communication is key. There may also be occasions where someone may be unavailable to attend for a long period of time. In these cases, if they have been a member in good standing, a sabbatical may be granted.

What kind of participation do you require of your membership?

Participation of course includes attendance, but of course goes beyond that. As a member, as your knowledge and skill increase, you may be called upon to perform certain parts in rituals. As such, we expect that anyone who joins will be committed to learning and working with the group even if they are not pursuing a degree. Fellowship is a big part of group membership, but that is not all we are about – we expect that everyone will contribute in some way to the group.